Abigail Dupree - Gloryhole Stable Maid Active Short


Abigail Dupree - Gloryhole Stable Maid Active Short
This slave is sent back to the stables for further oral training, the hole of glory stall is ready and the beasties are waiting. Good oral servitude is a major accomplishment in the life of the sex slave. There are only a handful of ways a slave is to give oral pleasure and the slave must be versed in ways that the vanilla person would never dream of. Well, That is what training is for. Slave 465 is greedy to get at serving these beaties oral and hand, through hole and of the fuck post, her previous training has really paid off. If your feeling lonely, don"t be shy, feel free to whip out your John-Henry, stroke that pipe or wonder on down to your local gloryhole for some much needed relief. Taboo Role Play, Oral Stuffing, Dirty Girl, Cum licking, Chance horsecock, equines, Big Red Rex, Dog Dong, Huge Dildos, Roleplay Taboo, Hobbnocker

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