Adam Castle - Dr Gives Foot Stomp 2 Cure Homo POV


Adam Castle - Dr Gives Foot Stomp 2 Cure Homo POV
Good morning sir, how are you? I been called here by your parents because they have been concerned about you. They believe you are suffering from the "Homo Virus" because they found gay porn and women's clothing all in your closet. I believe I might have a treatment to help you. Now get on your knees! Your parents believe you are a "Virus" too. Now first look and worship my dry feet. Look at my feet and believe in them as I am toughing you up. Next I have to repeatedly stomp on your face. This is the treatment to purge the "Homo Virus" out of you. Keep on feeling the stomp and worship of my feet to remind you what a real man is. This is a way so you are no longer an embarrassment to your family. Keep on worshiping my feet and believe in me as I am your god now. I will not stop stomping on your face until you given up. Stop resisting the feel and dirtiness of my feet, homo! Get rid of the homo in you like I am an exorcist getting the demon out. Can't take any more dirty feet worship and stomps in your face? I guess your doctor has cured you of this "Homo Virus"! Now finally, look at my foot one last time to remember the treatment I given you. Next time the "Homo Virus" returns, you will get more stomps from my dirty feet. Have a good day!!! Tags: POV GAY, GAY FOOT WORSHIP, DRY FEET, DRY SOLES, DIRTY FEET, GAY CURE, BAREFOOT, MALE FEET, DR, DOCTOR, HOMO VIRUS, REPEAT STOMPS, MASK FETISH, BEATDOWN, PANSY, QUEER, HOMO, MALE DOMINATION

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