Adam Castle - Spidey Wants Criminal 2 Lick His Pits


Adam Castle - Spidey Wants Criminal 2 Lick His Pits
It is good I caught you crazy bank robber. What a hard day it was and I finally caught you. You keep on getting away. Now you are tied and webbed. Today it was so hot in New York City and I am sweating. My pits are stinking and I need to remove the top of my spidey suit. Feels better with the top off now. I want you to come right over on your knees and lick each hairy armpit. Lick and smell each armpit. Lick them! Lick all the sweat off that I got trying to capture you. Floss you teeth with my armpit hair. Keep on licking them and I see you like licking them. Guess you want a little fun before I turn you into the cops. Now I see you have a little erection. I won't unweb you and I won't let you jerk off. You'll have to figure out how to cum with yourself being tied. Go back to licking each spidey pit. Taste my sweat and hair! Now you just cum in your pants! Don't tell anybody my secret!!! Tags: POV GAY, POV MALE, SPIDER-MAN, COSTUME, COSPLAY, MASK FETISH, MARVEL, SUPERHERO, HALLOWEEN, SMELL FETISH, BOUND MALE POV, HAIRY CHEST, ARMPIT LICK WORSHIP POV, ARMPIT LICK WORSHIP JOI, UPCLOSE, GAY HUMILIATION, VERBAL HUMILIATION, CRIMINAL POV, DIRTY TALK

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