alexsisfaye - Schoogirl blowgang


alexsisfaye - Schoogirl blowgang
I want to earn an A in your class so I stay after school with the College Professor for some extra credit. It seems that Im not the only one whos failing because there are other students in here also but I just happen to be the only woman. I offer myself to you for a good grade. I begin to seduce you and you begin explaining to me that this is not appropriate and I could be fired. But youre not having any of that because you have to pass this class. You begin to ramp up the seduction even to the point where youre all touchy feely with the Professor. Eventually he gives in and you how you how much of a good girl that you can be. As you start to suck his cock you tell all the guys to take their cocks out and give them Jerk off encouragement. They dont seem to have an issue with that and they all are more than happy to do so I start off sweet and and innocent then I start talking like a dirty fucking slut and give joi while I am servicing all of their cocks. By the end I'm a filthy dirty messy little school girl cum slut. I beg for all to blow sticky hot loads one after another as I to be your dirty slut.

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