Arena Rome - Revenge Piss on Cuckolds Laptop


Arena Rome - Revenge Piss on Cuckolds Laptop
I come home after a tough day at the studio wanting to do nothing but relax, and unwind by undressing down to my sexy demi-bra and matching thong panties to rub my clit, but no! Instead I have to deal with the stress of finding my cuckold husband’s laptop open with a video of me bouncing on my lover’s cock. Once again he has breached my privacy by breaking into my computer and transferring sex vids of my huge cock lover and me. Well this time I clearly have had enough as I destroy that laptop by beating it with my red paddle with my tits and ass bouncing everywhere as I do so. Capturing all of this on my phone so I could share this with my lover later was not the farthest I went, lol! I actually squat down over my pathetic cuck’s beloved small penis stroking laptop of his and pissssssssssss all over it ensuring it’s destruction.

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