Ariel Anderssen - Tranced Into Stripping On Live TV


Ariel Anderssen - Tranced Into Stripping On Live TV
I'm presenting a live charity telethon; how exciting! But yesterday, I went to a stupid 'entrancement' seminar and the guy running it said he could modify my mind so that when I hear a bell ring, I'll be compelled to take my clothes off! Complete rubbish, of course, lol, but as we go live on air and the bell rings, I realise with mounting horror that my hands start wandering over my body, plucking at my clothing, pulling up my skirt, and undoing the buttons of my modest cardigan. As the show progresses, and I take calls from the public and desperately try to persuade my producer to point the camera at anything but me, I can't help but slowly remove all my clothing - shoes, stockings, cardigan, skirt, bra, panties, and finally my short silk slip! Left completely naked and exposed, I've never been so ashamed!

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