Ava Black - Ebony Ruler smokes for white slave bois


Ava Black - Ebony Ruler smokes for white slave bois
Your Supreme Ebony Empress wanders into the house to find you on the floor where she left you. Where you belong. You have been waiting eagerly for her return, and you are as excited about her arrival as you are stiff from the hours on the floor. She disregards you, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up. When she addresses you her tone is careless, she seems to think of you as nothing more than fluff on the floor. She sees how excited you are at the sight of her wrinkled soles as she wriggles her bare feet so close to your face. "Oh you like that do you?" She giggles as she purposefully spreads her toes. She tells you her feet have been sweating in shoes today. And they might also have some toejam floating around in the cracks. Not that it would put you off though... She knows it! If she made you inhale all the fluff and sweat from her divine ebony soles you would do just that! Every last bit! Because she knows as well as you do that even the lowliest part of her Superior being is still to be revered and idolised by you! Because she is oh so much more superior to you! And you will live forever on your knees in acknowledgment of the fact

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