BabesAndBandits - AJ Season 2 / 13.9 "The Big Bad"


BabesAndBandits - AJ Season 2 / 13.9 "The Big Bad"
This exciting episode we get to finally introduce Sky Bluu. Sky has appeared in some of our other episodes but only her voice, you can find that on star_gazing. She would play over the internet with us. Now our little Sky has joined us and started filming with us so go buy her content. In this episode she is starting out with our adventures as a cat and a thief. There is also Rachida joining us as a fighter and new model. This is a big episode because we are going to be fighting the big bad from season one! We hope you have skiped over season one of us learning how to play D&D but if you had not "sorry" but for us we had gotten to this evil....EVIL end battle and lost. Lil BabyBoy Joey is GEEKED FOR REVENGE! Enjoy our Free D&D playing and support us by buying our content!

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