Claudia Kink - Black Lipstick Tongue Tease


Claudia Kink - Black Lipstick Tongue Tease
I know you love watching my full juicy lips and my gorgeous tongue, so I decide to highlight my lips with a black lipstick. I coat them in the shiny lipstick, running it over my lips until the colour is full and dark. I stick my tongue out at you, flattening it as much as possible to show how wide it can be, then stretching it out in front of me and making it long and pointed. I can easily touch my chin and the tip of my nose with it. I turn my head sideways so you can admire my super long tongue and then let you see all the various tricks I can do with it. Having a split tongue means all the usual tricks take on an extra dimension! This video was based on a custom request. Order your own personalized video here:

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