DaceyHarlotXXX - Sitter Harlot: HJ For A Messy Boy


DaceyHarlotXXX - Sitter Harlot: HJ For A Messy Boy
Feat. Dacey Harlot & Dexter Darkly Mommy is away and has left you in the very capable hands of Sitter Harlot. She charmed both you and your mommy during the interview, she kept smiling and winking at you while you played nearby, paying extra special attention to you... You might have a little crush on your new sitter! She's pretty and very attentative to your needs, your winkie grows and twitches in your diaper at the thought of her changing your stinky diapers. You know mommy told Sitter Harlot all about the Special Stinky Diaper Reward System she's implemented to help keep your Stinky #2's in the diapers! As you and Sitter Harlot play together on the floor she starts to smelly something extra stinky! She asks you if you need to make a #2 in your diaper and you admit you do, Sitter Harlot gets so excited! Your mommy has told her all about the Stinky Rewards of course, but she also told her a few stories as to why she implemented this system! Sitter Harlot knows you can be shy(and very messy) with your #2's so she's very happy you are comfortable taking one with her. You like Sitter Harlot and would love a Reward from her so so much!! Sitter Dacey encourages you to get it all out into your Diaper as she waves her nose and talks about how smelly it is and tells the stinky stories your mommy told her to watch out for! She wants to get all that Stinky Boom-Boom in your diaper so you can get your Stinky Diaper Reward! Sitter Harlot is so proud of you as you finish with a big PUUUSH. She opens it up and waves her hand in front of her face as she scrunches up her nose, IT'S SO STIIINKKYYY!! She uses many wipes to get you all cleaned up and then smiles as she grabs the lube, you know what time it is..Reward time!! She talks about the Stinky #2 you just took for her, she's so proud of that Smelly Boom-Boom! She knows you're excited to make a Squirty for Sitter Harlot on her 1st day, she's so lucky! As she talks you can't help but smile up at her and give in to your Winky! You make a big big squirty for Sitter Harlot and a little more stinky #2 comes out as well! Sitter harlot is so proud of you for getting that big Stinky Boom-Boom out! She finishes getting you all cleaned up and puts you into a fresh Diaper, time to play again! Sitter Harlot loves spending time with you!

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