Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S01E22 Loz Lorrimar


Dusk Films - TRAILER Nerd Pervert S01E22 Loz Lorrimar
Loz Lorrimar – Pornstar Anal Lover www.manyvids.com/Video/814782/Nerd-Pervert-S01E22-Loz-Lorrimar/ Loz Lorrimar is back. Sometimes once is not enough. I love porn stars and I book them in as a treat to my dick but then if they are good, which come on they get paid to do this, so it’s not as if they aren’t going to be right? However it makes me just want to get them back. Loz’s amazing cock sucking was intense so I can only wonder what she will do with a hard cock rammed up her. Well today is time for me to find out. As soon as she bends over I am straight in there feeling that amazing ass of hers and poking her pussy. A grope and suck of those sexy tits to get me going, not that it takes much for me. Scarlet is a sexy little mix too no wonder I want her in front of my camera too. She is in there too feeling Loz’s tits. Scarlet loves filming sex that much she gets carried away herself. Her pussy is always wet and ready as Loz is such a horny bitch so in I go with my tongue, and mmmmm always nice to taste a pussy that is ripe for fucking. Loz wraps her lips around my cock and the good times are rolling in this perverts sex pad. I ram my cock up her without a second thought and start to fuck her nice and deep. When she rides my cock wow does she go for it, its almost as if her body goes to horny over drive when she is getting fucked and hey I have no complaints there. While I was fucking her hard from behind she tells me she wants me to stretch her ass hole out, I say hell yeah to that baby and start to pound her up that hot ass of hers. She is a horny cunt and I am only too happy for her to lick her ass juice off my dick before cumming in her open mouth. Pornstars rule man

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