Elouise Please - Sister Trying On Lingerie And JOI


Elouise Please - Sister Trying On Lingerie And JOI
32 minute long] I've just got home from a shopping trip and there's no one else around besides you to give me advice on the lingerie that I just bought. I *really* need a second opinion, you don't mind, do you Brother?? I just need to make sure that they all fit and look ok. Thank you so much Brother, you're a life saver!! I start to try on the first lingerie set and as I put it on and show you, I notice that you've got a huge hard on!! Oh my gosh, I didn't realise that me trying on lingerie in front of you would have such a huge effect?? But I know how much you like me, I mean all those times that you've "accidentally" walked in on me naked in the shower?? That can't be a coincidence, can it! So how about if I help you out, Brother? I tell you to take your cock out of your jeans and continue trying on each matching bra and panty set, giving you jerk off instructions as I go along. I want to see you cum for me Brother! And at least I know for definite that I chose well with my new lingerie sets. I'll definitely be keeping all of them Now it's *my* turn to cum! I grab my favourite toy and start to use it on my pussy, your cock hardens again at the sight of me & so I tell you to stroke your cock again. I use my toy and the vibrations get more and more intense, gradually building myself to a very strong orgasm. I'm feeling greedy though and I know that I have one last orgasm left in me, so I carry on... telling you to wank your cock quicker for me. I really want us to cum at the same time now Brother, so go really quick with your hand and I'll count to three! I have the biggest orgasm ever and you cum for me too, making a huge mess everywhere! Wow, that was super intense... who knew that a shopping trip would lead to so much fun?! Just out of interest, which lingerie set was your favourite, Brother? I'll make sure I wear that one around the house all the time for you

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