EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider double dipping


EroticaBabes - Ashley Rider double dipping
Ashley Rider is in bed wearing a leather harness. She starts by telling you, in her sexy Scottish accent that she has two lollipops and she is going to put one up her pussy and one up her bum. She unwraps the first lolly and chats to you as she does this. Ashley's personality and humour comes across well in this video. The video was shot with two cameras; one wide and one close up. We cut between the two angles throughout the video so you get to see the best of both viewpoints. Up nice and closer as well as wider. Once the lolly is unwrapped Ashley pops it into her mouth to lick it, obviously she does this in a very sexy and seductive way. Giving great eye contact, those deep blue eyes of hers are wonderful. The camera moves in close to give a close up of her tongue and face as she sucks the lollipop. Ashley then proceeds to unwrap the second lolly which is a different flavour, one is chocolate the other is strawberry. Ashley pushes both lollies into her mouth and makes great gagging noises and moans and groans. She tells the lollies to invade her mouth! LOL. She rolls onto her back and we look down on her as she sucks the lollies. Ashley then plays with the sticky lolly on her nipples. Laying on her back, she opens her legs wide and pushes one of the lollies into her pussy. You see it sticking out and she pulls it in and out and plays with it. You can see one of the backing studs has come off the harness she is wearing and it's stuck to her inner thigh by her pussy. LOL. She sucks the lolly and bit more and then sticks it back in her pussy. She rolls onto her side, stills with the lolly in her pussy. She licks the second lolly and proceeds to push it into her ass. She says, that's why we called it double dipping. The camera is in nice and close and you see both lolly sticks pocking out from her ass and her pussy. Ashley spanks her ass and pulls her cheeks about. She swaps position onto all fours and sticks her ass up in the air. She rocks backwards and forwards. She tells you she has two lollies in her, 1 in her ass and 1 in her pussy. She pushes the end of the anal lolly and groans with pleasure. She feels it deep inside her. She pulls the stick of the pussy lolly and her pussy is holding onto the lolly as she pulls it out. She sucks the lolly from her pussy and leaves the other one sticking out of her ass. She pushes the end of the stick again, groaning with pleasure as she does. She shakes her ass as she sucks off the other lolly in her mouth. We leave Ashley to enjoy her lollies

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