EroticaBabes - Denise Davies cleavage struggle


EroticaBabes - Denise Davies cleavage struggle
Denise is in rope bondage in bed, tied to the headboard. She is kneeling and wearing a cleavage defying blue and black top. There's no actual nudity in this scene, but there's loads of shaking and jiggling cleavage to look at. Denise spends the video trying to loosen the rope binds by swinging her tits! There's slow motion sequences where we get in nice and close and give you full screen tits! A shot from behind shows the ropes that hold Denise's arms behind her back. She also has ropes around her ankles too, she' not going anywhere! She leans forwards and lets her gravity defying cleavage dangle and shake. She wiggles and jiggles her boobs for you. They are massive, natural boobs, and the outfit really shows them off well. You can just see the start of her large nipples peeping out from the edge of the material. The whole video is around boob worship. We cut between two camera angles, a wide and a close up over the whole duration of the video. There are slow motion sequences interspersed throughout the action. We move around her at different camera angles and heights so you get to look above her and below her looking up at those massive tits. Oh to be under her whilst she shakes those boobs

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