Espi Kvlt - Rebel Girl Teaches You Masturbation


Espi Kvlt - Rebel Girl Teaches You Masturbation
This is a JOI for people with vaginas! You’ve always thought Espi was such a hot rebel girl that you’ve had a major crush on her for ages. When she invites you over for dinner and to give you a tarot reading, you don’t think much of it other than she still just wants to be friends. That is, until she pulls the “Lovers Embrace” card. Espi says she now realizes why you’re always hanging around her, and she wants you, too. But since you’ve never masturbated before, she isn’t sure you can handle her, so she’s gonna teach you how to do that first. The rules: you let her teach you, and she’ll show you her tits and vagina. Let Espi guide you into how to masturbate as she does it along with you, until you both cum at the same time! Then she finally lets you see what’s hiding behind her bra and panties.

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