Eva Kay - Loud desperate pee into trashcan


Eva Kay - Loud desperate pee into trashcan
I was sipping on some beer and I had already gone to the bathroom and broken the seal. It wasn't long before I had to pee again. I decided to sip on another beer and see how long i could hold it in. I was super desperate after finishing my second beer. Someone was in the bathroom and I had no puppy pads left . My bladder was ready to burst when I found a small trashcan. I removed my body suit and took a stance over the trashcan to let my power golden stream flow loudly into the trashcan below. I Intentionally pee as hard as I can so I can relieve myself quicker. It makes a loud hiss as it comes out of my urethra and hits my juicy pussy lips. I peed so hard my urethra actually hurt a little after I got done voiding my bladder.

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