Faye Taylor - Megamax to Tena diaper change peeing


Faye Taylor - Megamax to Tena diaper change peeing
I’m in my apartment and badly in need of a change I’m wearing a pink t-shirt, a knee length pair of coloured socks, and I’m strapped into a very full and soggy pink Megamax. As I kneel on my changing mat, I stroke my plastic with my fingertips, turning around so that you can check out my padded bum It feels wonderfully heavy and bulky, but it’s been on a while and I just don’t think it can give me much more I remove the Megamax and give my bare crotch a rub down with a cleansing wipe, before expertly fastening myself into a fresh Tena Slip Maxi. But no sooner is it in place than my bladder opens again, and a hot stream spills into the new Tena Slip Maxi! It’s just so typical of me…being dry for a matter of seconds! Not that I’m complaining

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