Galas Looner - Possession Nightmare 2 hd


Galas Looner - Possession Nightmare 2 hd
This was my second ever GHOST custom video! Launching here on MV for the first time! Custom Request~ This clip begins with Galas' lying as the end of the first, with her eyes open and crossed, and tongue poking exaggeratedly. The ghost takes part of her body again, and stands her awkwardly as before, not achieving complete control, arms hanging , and also her head too. Then start talking using your mouth, with your voice, and says: -Ah! At the end you're mine! Even AfterDeath you can be useful to me . When he speaks it is difficult also, cos as always he has no control over your mouth, and hanging out tongue don't makes things easier . -Call to your best friend, for you get me AnotherVictim. Staggering , is directed towards the phone . Awkwardly, lift the phone and call using a hand. Her friend attends, and you asks her to go quickly because you have a problem of life& , and requires her presence with great urgency. She agrees and get hurry. Then comes the best friend, find the door open and came in, but find it suspect. She finds her friend and finds herDead, sitting on a sofa, wide open eyes crossed, open mouth and protruding tongue. She approaches theCorpse , and then it moves and says : Thanks for coming , I needed a new body! She yells and tries to escape , but is too late. The ghost seizes it and then the same from the first clip is repeated. Also she wears a metal wristwatch, is also attacked twice, also naked, but she wears underwear , not lingerie. Ends like the first clip, but with twoCorpses instead of one, and double fellatio. AtDeath, the last breath is long and slowly off as the air escapes from the lungs , while his head falls cleanly , and their arms, they stop holding invisible arms to fall cleanly from its neck , passing over almost caressing their breasts to finally hang . Related Categories: TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES Keywords: mesmerize , transfer fetish , aliens & monsters Related Categories: FETISH , THROAT FETISH , TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES , TRANSFER FETISH , ALIENS & MONSTERS Keywords: FETISH , THROAT FETISH , TRANSFORMATION FANTASIES , TRANSFER FETISH , ALIENS & MONSTERS

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