Galas Looner - Wonder Woman vs The Thug EDIT hd


Galas Looner - Wonder Woman vs The Thug EDIT hd
-Diana Prince returns home, wearing business clothes, glasses, and her hair in a bun. She screams when a thug jumps her from behind, grabbing her in a chokehold. “Who the fuck are you?! Unhand me right now or you’ll be sorry!” shouts the Amazon as he gropes her body. -“I don’t think so, Diana! I’ve heard that you know Wonder Woman, and you’re going to tell me how to find her!” the villain threatens her. “Never! What do you want with her, anyway?” asks Diana. “That bitch put me in prison, so now that I’m out I’m gonna find her and fuck the * out of her! But you’ll be a nice warm-up!” laughs the thug as he begins to strip off Diana’s clothes as she shrieks. -She weakly tries to fight back but without her powers she’s outmatched and is soon down to just her stockings and high heel boots. Desperately she threatens. “I’m a government agent! You’ll never get away wi-” Diana is cut off as he pushes his member in her mouth. -He roughly fucks Diana’s throat while holding her head in place with one hand, and using the other to grope her body as she ineffectually beats him with her fists. -The thug finally withdraws from Diana’s mouth, leaving her gasping for air as he drags her onto the couch. Diana begs desperately as he prepares to penetrate her. “You can’t do this! Wonder Woman will make you pay!” The thug just laughs cruelly. “She’s next!” he exclaims before plunging into her, eliciting a scream of agony from the heroine. -The prowler has his way with the struggling heroine on the floor, pinning her down by the wrists as she tries to push him off. She eventually succeeds in knocking him off and scrambles for the door, but her attacker pulls her back and begins fucking her from behind while holding her arms back, prison guard style. Diana wails miserably as she’s ravaged. “Stop, please! It hurts!” she begs. “Tell me what I want to know!” he demands. -Finally Diana caves. “Alright, I … I’m Wonder Woman!” she confesses, but the thug just laughs. “You expect me to believe that? You didn’t even put up a fight!” “But I am! I am Wonder Woman! JUST PLEASE STOP! WAHHHHH!” the broken heroine blubbers. -As her attacker picks up tempo, Diana renews her struggles to break free, but to no avail. She weeps harder as the thug cums inside her. After he withdraws, the creampie drips out onto the floor, causing the thug to grab Diana by the hair and make her lick it up. (Can be simulated.) -He orders the whimpering agent to clean him off, and do a good job if she wants to live. Diana submissively sucks his cock, lulling him into a relaxed state before suddenly biting down to finally break free. She jumps up and spins around, transforming into Wonder Woman much to the thug’s shock! -He tries to punch her, but she grabs his fist and squeezes, bringing him to his knees. The furious heroine gloats over her now terrified assailant. “What was that you were saying you’d do to Wonder Woman, you vile piece of filth?!...

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