Ginary - Alora & Nikki: Sexy Lesbian Hair Washing


Ginary - Alora & Nikki: Sexy Lesbian Hair Washing
Nikki Brooks walks Alora Jaymes into the bathroom, and tells her that she’s going to spoil her. Alora sits in the tub, smiling, while Nikki grabs a cup and brush. Nikki brushes her hair, then gets it wet with the cup and water. Nikki pours shampoo on Alora’s hair, and washes it thoroughly. Nikki gets Alora’s hair all soaked with suds, and makes her cum in the tub while washing her hair. Alora returns the favor, and licks Nikki’s pussy as she continues to wash her hair. Nikki makes Alora cum again, and tells her to just lay back and relax and enjoy the rest of her bath while she washes her. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Alora or Nikki? Email us today.)

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