Ginary - Bailey & Lizzy Devour Shrunken Bullies


Ginary - Bailey & Lizzy Devour Shrunken Bullies
Lizzy Lamb and Bailey Paige sit in front of their tiny victims, mocking them for being so terrified. The girls decided to shrink all the people that talked junk about them in school - and have their way with them. Lizzy and Bailey laugh at them, and pick them up.. shoving them in their tits, and smooshing them. Lizzy licks one of her victims, and tastes his fear. She eats him whole as his little friends watch. Lizzy and Bailey take the tiny people, and use them as a dildo for their wet pussies. Lizzy and Bailey laugh as they eat them all, getting the perfect revenge. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Bailey or Lizzy? Email us today.)

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femdom small tits giantess shrinking fetish vore