Ginary - Seduced & Shrunk By Ashlynn & Nikki


Ginary - Seduced & Shrunk By Ashlynn & Nikki
You met Ashlynn Taylor at the store and she invited you over to meet her roommate Nikki Brooks. The girls smile and flirt with you but you have no idea what their evil plan is. They begin blowing you kisses and you start to feel weird. With each kiss you shrink smaller and smaller. You are torn between bing frighted by you predicament and mesmerized by the sexy girls stripping in front of you. The sadistic witches reveal that bringing home unsuspecting men to seduce and shrink is what they do for fun. You know you should run but you can’t take your eye off their sexy naked bodies. You begin to realize the danger your in as the girls discuss keeping you to torment but its to late you are paralyzed by their beauty. The girls laugh as they scoop you up and take you off to play. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ashlynn or Nikki? Email us today.)

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tease & denial mesmerize erotic magic giantess shrinking fetish