GoddessFreyaBBW - Massive Thanksgiving Stuffing


GoddessFreyaBBW - Massive Thanksgiving Stuffing
Thanksgiving is good for one thing.....eating, and eating EVEN MORE! All the fatty foods has me feeling extra gluttonous. I can't resist stuffing myself more and more. Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, turkey, and pie fill my belly today. I start the stuffing in a much too tight pair of jeans; my muffin top hangs over my barley zipped pants. I struggle to sit or eat enough as my pants get tighter and tighter. I eventually unzip them to reveal a massive red imprint from their tightness. Suddenly I have room for so much food! Like a true glutton, I pick up the entire turkey with my hands and eat it as quickly as possible; I just can't get enough! I then dip the rolls in the turkey oil, because I know it'll be extra fatty! I want to get fatter, I'm already so much bigger than this time last year, but it's just not enough! I need to be fatter. I need more food; I need to feel stuffed! I make sure to show you just how big and bloated my belly is while I softly jiggle it; today's stuffing will most definitely help me back on the pounds! It's just the beginning of gaining season, and I've got some massive goals in store, time to destroy my waistline! * Clip features: massive stuffing, belly jiggle, burping, weight mention, fat chat, flirting.

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