GoddessJazzy - Findom Is Forever


GoddessJazzy - Findom Is Forever
There’s something stimulating about losing. Isn’t there? Something that you can’t seem to place your finger on. Something that tickles the nerve ending deep inside the pleasure part of your tiny, little, male brain. Losing. Say the word again and again and again. Losing. You are losing to me. You are losing at life. You are a loser. Losing. But why do you like losing so much? Why does it excite you to have all the great things in life taken away from you by a bratty hot girl? Your freedom - gone. Your sense of choice - gone. Your hope of a free and independent future - gone. All of it - lost. Lost to a Goddess - like me. But I mean, when you really break it down and look at the hard facts, this was always the way it was really mean to be, loser. I’m the diamond here. I’m the one-in-a-billion catch that everyone looks up to and wants to be with. So isn’t it just kinda’ right that your money and value all goes to Me at the end of the day? I think so. I think you know it’s what you’re already missing now. It’s funny how big and perfect my tits are. Hilarious how many lives they’ve crushed and bank accounts they’ve drained. Don’t they feel good to stare at. Don’t they just make you want to relax and listen deeper - listen harder - to what Warden Jazzy has to tell you know? Losing. You are losing everything. It will start with tributes tonight. It will move onto personal sacrifice and Jazzy loyalty programs. Every day will become a new day to impress and wow the Lord. Losing. You are a loser. Remember that no real girl would ever want you - and any that may are clearly losers as well. But if you want a real woman. Want real curves like these. Real bouncing boobs that mesmerize and spellbind as they bounce and jiggle their way through your life savings. It’s okay to be scared my little idiot. This is a big shock to some of you dorks because you were under the illusion you were a real man - an alpha - with a big swinging dick and some young hotties ready to fuck. Instead you’ve been shown your true colours - and now know you are nothing more than a set of lips meant to suck dick and drain sacks. All for these perfect boobs... I want you to focus now. Focus on my cleavage. Focus on losing yourself - losing your mind to them. Slip deeper and deeper as they bounce higher and higher. More for Warden Jazzy... and less for virgin losers like you haha Watch this every night twice before bed, reject.

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