GoddessNatalie - Cooking class with your Goddess


GoddessNatalie - Cooking class with your Goddess
I like my good boys to be skilled in various regards, not just to be good at worshiping my body and spoiling me or wanking their cocks. I like guys who can cook, clean, build an empire, learn new languages and acquire new skills every now and again. And today is going to be all about cooking, but no...don't get your hopes up, thinking you might get away from being tormented by me, because you won't. You will, of course, be cooking with your own sperm. I need you to save some old sperm of yours from a previous jerk off session that will be done while watching my vids or being in a live cam sesh with me. You will also need eggs, some fresh veggies, spices, preferably some flour, cheese and anything else that sounds fun. I want you to save the cum in a glass and keep it in the fridge until you watch my video, then get ready to learn how to do some serious cooking. And also, get ready to cum for me again while you wait for your food to be done!

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