GoddessNatalie - Princess life brag


GoddessNatalie - Princess life brag
We know each other since a bit now, and you've been buying quite a few of my clips..got to know my fetishes, likes and dislikes a little more...you sent me plenty of tributes and gifts, so I think it's only fair that I introduced myself a lil more. I think it's time for you to know where my princess attitude comes from and what a princess life is like for real...to see how luxurious my lifestyle can be, how pampered I am, how many guys threw money at me throughout my life, how many suffered and got their hearts broken...how many guys I took advantage of, what kind of family I come from, what my life was like back when I was younger...and many others that are all part of a rich princess' life who has it all I'm sure it will be fun thinking of this next time when you'll hit that tribute button

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