GoddessTKelly - Tight Pants Tight Cage Cuck Tease


GoddessTKelly - Tight Pants Tight Cage Cuck Tease
Hi cuck. I wanted to remind you of the current circumstances: Alpha and I fuck all the time and you're behind the bars of a chastity cage, completely denied. This is the natural order of things, cuck. You'll realize it, if you haven't done so already. In fact, the longer you stare at me in these tight faux leather pants, the worse it's going to get. Despite these circumstances, you still come crawling back for more because you are so weak for us. Stupid cuck. We are going to use and a b u s e you without a second thought you're going to be left completely broken. Sound like fun? We think so. Be prepared to get FUCKED, but not in the way we do. That type of pleasure will NEVER be for you.

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