Infinity0Whore - Virgin Mary Vs The Roman Army


Infinity0Whore - Virgin Mary Vs The Roman Army
[This was a custom request] Mary travels to beg Pontus for the release of her son, Jesus, who is due to be crucified any day. The Roman guards will not grant her access to the halls and instead, make their own offer. They laugh and tell her that if she fucks all of the guards in the barracks, they'll release her son. She's hesitant and asks if Pontus will agree to this but they assure her that if she does exactly as they say, Jesus will be safe. She's desperate to save him... so she agrees. She starts off sucking two of the guard's cocks with teary eyes - asking the whole time if this is really the only way. She's visibly embarrassed to be acting like such a whore and begs them not to tell anyone else what she's had to do to free her son, especially not Jesus himself. She lies down and spreads her legs to leg all of the guards use her holes. She desperately just wants to get it over with so that she can see Jesus - but still takes cock after cock in her pussy until it's leaking with multiple men's creampies while she gags on the other guard's hard cocks at the same time. When all of the men have used her, she's back on her knees begging them to release Jesus now. She's done as they've said and it's time for them to keep their end of the bargain. But they laugh and insist she must do one more thing. They feed her a k9 cock and make her lick it. She's disgusted but flicks her tongue out at the creature's cock and continues to beg that they let Jesus go now. They agree, but not until she fucks it. She's humiliated and teary and once again begging for release. But, with no choice, she lets the k9 fuck her already leaking cunt. By this point, Mary starts to become mindless to all of the cocks that have been sliding inside her. In her haze, she finds herself enjoying the k9 cock and rubbing her clit to reach orgasm before it too spills it's seed inside of her. The guards have succeeded in turning her into a jezebel - a devilish whore! Before it gets any worse, she once again begs them to finally let Jesus go. The men who have been watching her enjoy herself laugh again... one of them calls out 'fetch the horses'... Check out this clip "" for part 2!

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