IvyStarshyne - Be Ready For My Black Hunk MP4


IvyStarshyne - Be Ready For My Black Hunk MP4
You love your wife, but she can really bitch at you sometimes. Tonight is no exception. Your wife doesn't hold back as she admits to having sex with another man. He's really terrific, and what a cock! You're surprised to find yourself excited over this... You haven't been totally attentive, but she hasn't been so much either. Now you know why, hm? You're more shocked when she tells you that she wants you to be part of this relationship with her! No kidding. In your mind, your shoving your cock inside her pussy and maybe he's fucking her ass or mouth. Your thoughts aren't where she was going... She tells you that she got you a dildo, and it's time for you to practice using it... in preparation for him. He's going to be inside your mouth since she hates giving blow jobs. When she's sore, he may be inside your ass hole. The whole thing is... a bit much... She insists though, and you decide it's for the best, like a good husband should do for his wife.

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