IvyStarshyne - Community Sperm Bank


IvyStarshyne - Community Sperm Bank
Honey… I… you were so sure about it, remember? You said you wanted me to do that stuff, and… I did. I just worry you’ll change your mind when you see me dripping… Dripping with sperm. I know you have this cuckolding fetish. And it’s all so new to me! But actually doing this… I worried you’d change your mind. So I went to a party and had sex with some guy. Just like you said. Offered my pussy to a total stranger. I did the whole thing, let him squirt his semen deep in my pussy. No condom.

And here I am, ready to show you. Let it drip onto your face. And tell you all about it. Are you sure you’re ready for this? Okay… See it all? Wow… I mean, you did say you wanted this to happen. And look at all this! So… much… sperm… How was he? The… one… guy… oh… right… Well, honey. I got a little excited, honestly.

Not just one guy. Two? Well, yes. There were two… There were at least two… Three? Sure… yeah, you got that right. Okay, you don’t have to keep guessing, I couldn’t say really. There were so many that I lost count. What happened was, the first guy was so excited, he told others. His friends came up to use me, too. Then they’d tell their friends… it just kept going. And every one of them came inside me.

Explosive ejaculation, it was wild! Oh gosh, roughly… 9… 10… guys. They were lining up, that’s why I lost count. I was a cum dumpster. I couldn’t believe so many men wanted to bust loads inside me! Oh gosh, they were going and going… And I kept my legs spread for easy access. A real whore pose, a true sperm dumping station. Each one had a different way of doing it, of course. Some were shy about it and wanted to be gentle and sweet, but quick. Some were so intense, fucking hard and for a little while. A few were so ready to bust that they just walked right up and did it!

Then another branch of those guys… They knew I was just a cum dumpster. So they were able to just stick it in, squirt their semen inside my full cunt… I mean, it’s full! These legs stretched open for anybody. They didn’t really care, I was just a hole to fill. Some of them were so huge, their cocks tore me up. My messy pussy was instant lube for each guy. But that didn’t matter much when there were some really big ones! Each big one paved the one for the next big guy though. Stretching and… filling…

Some of them were so hot, I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked by them. Sexy men, like celebrities or something! Of course, there were some less attractive guys. They were fine, but… I mean, I wouldn’t have had sex with them. However, my dripping pussy was wide open for any and all type of man. Big, average, small… ugly, attractive, average… My drenched vagina loved it all! I was a community sperm bank and everyone was given access. I was moaning at every thrust, at every explosion I was cumming! A lot didn’t even say anything, just stuck it in and finished off.

Honey, I was this steaming hol...

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