IvyStarshyne - Locking Up Your Swollen Cock


IvyStarshyne - Locking Up Your Swollen Cock
The nurse in front of you is looking over your charts, biting her lip and shaking her head. It seems she's unhappy. You have stroked so much, so excessively that there's only one option left. CHASTITY. You shudder at this, it's not something you'll even consider. She insists, you've been stroking so much lately... as virgins do. And that's where you correct her. You tell her that you are NOT a virgin. Your cock isn't raw and swollen from stroking, but from sex. She doesn't believe it. There's a bit of a laugh behind her words, like it would be crazy to think you weren't a virgin. You continue to argue, and she thinks it's best for it to end by you proving it. She strips, saying that a virgin would cum by now. Those cum-stained boxers you wear prove your virginity - only virgins cum in their boxers like that. And she continues to strip, and you hold it back. And finally, she strolls over and sits on your cock. She begins to ride it, slowly and sexy, then faster... until you fill her pussy up with cum. Now she's impressed, says maybe you aren't actually a virgin... maybe. But either way, you're tired and it's just what she needed. A key is now hanging from her fingers and you're getting locked up! Chastity time, "non-virgin."

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