IvyStarshyne - Mommy Misses Her Youth


IvyStarshyne - Mommy Misses Her Youth
You walk in on your Mom, and she's sitting on her bed in a skimpy outfit. Instant boner, and you're unsure of what to do with yourself. She doesn't notice though and apologizes for being clad in such a manner... This is her old uniform from when she was a kid! That explains it being rather short and very tight... Your cock throbs again... She stumbled on a box of her old stuff, and the uniform was one thing inside. You notice that she's fidgeting, and there must be something underneath her. Feeling caught, she pulls out a glass piece... it's definitely a dildo. She doesn't lie about it as she tells you about when she got it and how she felt... so... different... after she used it for the first time. Insisting she feel that youth again, she hikes up her skimpy skirt even more and begins to play with herself... a reminder of a long time ago, before you, when your Mom was a hot and horny school girl

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