IvyStarshyne - Teasing The Foot Perv Again


IvyStarshyne - Teasing The Foot Perv Again
On the train, wondering if you'll see her again... and there she is! Same outfit even, but different shoes - Keds now. She sits right in front of you. You know where this is going. She's going to tease you like crazy and bust your balls with her sneakers. Only, it doesn't go that way. She nearly apologizes with all the teasing she is doing, giving you a proper foot job even! This is turning out so well... when... UGH! She busts you in the nuts hard and says she'll never apologize to a foot perv! Weirdo! She continues to stroke it with her sneakers before standing and properly stomping your balls into the floor. When she has given you another stomping cum countdown, you're relieved. She tells you to come kiss her... And you get a knee in the balls AGAIN. You just don't learn! "If you let me kick you hard in the balls, I'll maybe have you come over to my place." Of course you agree! And she gives you TWO hard kicks before chuckling and shaking her head - maybe you knew you'd never have a chance. But ow... those really hurt... "Oopsie! Did I pop your ballsies!?"

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female domination foot fetish ball busting sneaker fetish ball stomping