IvyStarshyne - Virgin Pervert Gets Short Lived Release


IvyStarshyne - Virgin Pervert Gets Short Lived Release
It's time to check in with your therapist, Doctor Starshyne. She's so pleased with you and your progress in your chastity. Congratulating you, she says you may just be ready to get out in the real world again. You are finally unlocked from your device! She will begin the testing to see if you are indeed still a filthy virgin pervert. It doesn't take long before you're dreaming about your sexy therapist again... She uses trigger words to see your response, and you can't help but find her in certain positions, stripping, touching herself... All of these dreamy fantasies feel so real... and it's clear to her that you haven't made much progress. More time in chastity is needed, but you will get one final cum before your extended lockup. She definitely doesn't want busted up blue balls on her record

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