JackieSynn - Behind Your Girlfriends Back


JackieSynn - Behind Your Girlfriends Back
::This was a custom video for fan Josh:: "Here's the scenario I have in mind -- it is essentially a role-play, fantasy clip where your creativity, dirty talk, and explanations are the focus more so than overt, graphic nudity. It would also be great if you can include instruction/JOI in as you describe the fantasy and know I am getting excited listening. You have a talented mind and can't wait to hear you bring this to life, assuming this piques your interest! Scenario: You're a friend of the family, and have known my parents for years, and me since I was young. A few years ago, after a few drinks we slipped away from a party my parents were hosting and you seduced me, hooking up where we could have been caught but made it so exciting. Since then, we have regularly hooked up through relationships and created our hot naughty, risky secret. You've convinced me time and again why us continuing our dirty secret is so good, and after my initial hesitation have me wrapped around your finger. I can't say no to you and how exciting the things you say are. We've been planning you visiting my girlfriend and I for a while, and its finally happening. You're telling me about our cheating plans right under her nose, and how exciting it is we're finally making this happen. My GF has met you several times and really likes and trusts you. She has no reason to be suspicious because she knows you aren't "my type" (she's aware of my past girlfriends, who are basically versions of her...boring vanilla housewife types my age), but has no idea what I truly love and gets me off. She would never suspect she'd have to worry, especially when you're in her home. I've cheated on my gf with you when I'm back home and traveling for work. You know I'm cheating and it makes it hotter for both of us, that it is something forbidden and exciting. You've even gone down on me while I was talking to her on the phone. You and I also sext and share pics when she's not around. You love being at my beck and call, and having power over me. We'll cheat right under her nose as many times as we can, every chance we get. You don't actually care if we get caught, and imagine getting caught in the act, making things that much more exciting. My gf is boring, and sucks in bed. We've planned things a bit but also will take advantage as opportunities present themselves. Some examples (I am sure you have some in mind as well! Feel free to describe what you think is most hot) I pick you up from the airport, and we mess around on our way to picking up my girlfriend from work. You tease me and get me off under the table while we're all out for dinner. We can have a quickie when she takes a shower or is in the bathroom, etc. Clothing: Not too picky. Something sexy, easily allowing you to tease, but not too revealing. I see this more of a fantasy role-play/scenario description video (with teasing weaved in), along with JOI, for anticipation."

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