Jerky Girls - One Finger Serenade


Jerky Girls - One Finger Serenade
THE LEGENDARY SHANNON RETURNS!!! SHE MAKES A BOY GO INTO ORGASMIC SPASMS......USING ONLY ONE FINGER!!! IF YOU ONLY BUY ONE CLIP THIS YEAR....MAKE SURE IT'S THIS ONE!!!! FEMALE SUPREMACY BIG TIME!!! ONE FINGER!!!!! Welcome back the Jerky Girl of ALL Jerky Girls!!! It's the Legendary Shannon!!! We wanted to know if a Girl could make a boy spill his load....from just One Finger!! That's right......could a Girl make a boy cum by using only One Finger on him? That was the question. We decided to give it a try.....but we thought....hmmm.....who might be able to do it!!?? Shannon was so intrigued by the notion, She came out of retirement to give it a try. Shannon Strokes this boy's cock with only One Finger....She whispers filthy, dirty things in his ear......and sure enough.....She makes him go into a series of spasms, and unload all over himself....using just One Finger!!! It's Official now.....Girls are better than boys!!! We Rule!!! We soooooooo Rule!!!!

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