jocelynbaker - Son Catches Mommy Sniffing Sis's Panties


jocelynbaker - Son Catches Mommy Sniffing Sis's Panties
Mom sends her son and daughter off to school for the day. Then, she begins her mundane tasks around the house. Dishes, sweeping, and..laundry. When she begins doing laundry she finds a wad of her daughters dirty underwear! Oh what a delight. You see, what no one knows is that Mommy has a secret panty fetish. She slowly picks up her daughters panties and tries to resist the urge to give them a little whiff. But, her desire to smell them takes over and she convinces herself that since no one is home it couldn't hurt. After Mommy starts smelling her daughters sweet pussy, she's hooked. She NEEDS more..and so she brings the panties to her bedroom where she begins licking them. Mommy decides she wants to stuff her daughters dirty panties inside her wet pussy while she masturbates, that'll REALLY get Mommy off. But, while she is doing all this she hears a knock at the door. Who could that be?! Her son?! But..why? He's home from school early because today was a late start. Oh much has he seen? Does he know Mommy's little secret? He admits he does and the only way he's going to keep Mommy's little secret is if she does something for him. Mommy offers no curfew, extra video game hours, and all she can think of. But after her son watched her stuff her tight wet cunt with those panties he has something else in mind..and Mommy ISN'T going to like it. Tags; Older Woman/Younger Man, POV, Creampie, Fuck Machine, Virtual Sex, Blackmail Fantasy, Big Loads, Big Toys, Big Boobs, Panty Stuffing, Panty Sniffing.

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