Josie Cairaway - Happy Anniversary


Josie Cairaway - Happy Anniversary
The poem you read at our anniversary dinner tonight was really beautiful. It meant a lot to me. I know you love me, that you’re devoted to me, but I didn’t really know how deep that devotion was, until tonight. I noticed, though, that when you were reciting your poem in front of all of our friends and family, that you left out some key details about our relationship. For instance, when you read aloud those words you wrote about my lips, I was touched, but I didn’t quite catch everything you said, because I started thinking about all the things my lips have done during our time together. These perfect lips that you love to kiss, that you kiss every day and you feel so privileged to do so. These lips have been sucking the cocks of other men for years and then coming home to kiss you. Even on our wedding day, these lips had blown your best man right before I took my vows, said, “ I do”, and then kissed you. Did you taste his big cock on my cheating lips? When you were describing my body in such eloquent and poetic terms, my mind wandered to our anniversary last year. Did you think of telling them the truth about that night? I know you told everyone that you took me to the finest restaurant, bought me that really pricey diamond necklace and then wowed me by reserving the executive suite at my favorite hotel. You could have told them how that night ended, with you sitting in a chair, your tiny dick in your hand, tears coming out of your eyes because I went downstairs to the hotel bar and picked up a hot stud, with a huge cock and fucked him all night in front of you. Do you remember how I told you not to cum until I gave you permission? I’ll never forget how many times I heard you whimper, desperate to cum, but you just edged yourself repeatedly and held it in like the well-behaved bitch you are. Do you remember how grateful you were, when I finally let you orgasm, while you licked his cum from my pussy? I’ll never forget how hard I laughed at you, the look of shame on your face while jerking your tiny dick and licking a strangers cum from your wife on your anniversary. I think of that moment every now and again when I’m out fucking one of my lovers. It still makes me cum so hard. I could go on and on but I have plans tonight. This year I’m going to get fucked, but I don’t want you there. Instead, you’re going to stay home, jerking your worthless microphallus all night while you picture me with two hot guys. Guess where they're going to be fucking me? That's right, I used your credit card and reserved that same hotel suite again. I would invite you along but your inevitable crying and whimpering would just turn the guys off. I mean I would like it, but tonight isn’t about just me is it? No, it's about you too. My gift to you is that I’m going to let you stare at my perfect pussy, the pussy that you don’t get to fuck anymore because your cock is utterly useless, stare at her while you jerk your pathetic...

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