Katy Faery - Stretching In My Tight Yoga Pants


Katy Faery - Stretching In My Tight Yoga Pants
Gorgeous and fit brunette, Katy Faery, has laid out her yoga mat...and is lighting some incense and candles to set the mood. Katy lights each candle carefully, crouched on the ground wearing just a sports bra, and galaxy print tight fitting yoga pants. After lighting all the incense and candles, Katy stands up and stretches her arms out high above her head. Katy breathes in deep, and drops down into a cobra position. Katy moves into downward dog, and then stands again. She turns around, and moves into a downward dog position again. Katy stretches out each of her legs, and then she sits up. Katy stretches out her arms, and her butt muscles twitch as she moves. Katy stands again, and does some forward folding variations, stretching out her legs and ass. She does some squats, and her tight yoga pants can barely hold her ass. The print stretches over her ass as she moves up and down. Katy does some leg workouts, lifting each of them high in the air. She stretches them out, each one by one. Katy ends with more forward folding, showing off her gorgeous ass in her tight yoga pants

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