Kelly Shamrock - Gassy GF Farts On You In Tight Jeans


Kelly Shamrock - Gassy GF Farts On You In Tight Jeans
Custom Vid Request You and your girlfriend made it home after a huge dinner and she's already complaining about how bloated her belly is and how gassy she feels. Right away she lets out some huge farts in her tight jeans. She's embarrassed about it at first but you tell her she can fart on you if she wants and she accepts. It's got to come out anyway, why not have some fun? She talks dirty while she rips farts in your face and in your lap, putting her ass right in your face so you can feel the vibration through her tight blue jeans. Her hands rub her fat ass while she teases you with her words and especially her farts. The more she farts on you the more comfortable she gets with it and it's got your cock rock hard by the time she finally turns around to see how big of an erection you've got. I had a hell of a time with speaking in this vid so it's totally possible that there are a couple of mistakes in here. I did my best to get them all out. If you find one let me know. Tags: redhead, redheads, natural redhead, ginger, farts, farting, hot girl farts, fart fetish, girl farts, eproctophilia, pawg, whooty, tight jeans, jeans fetish, fetish, ass fetish, big ass, big booty, big butts, thick thighs, GFE, POV, all natural, curvy, voluptuous, girlfriend, bloated belly, pale, sensual domination, face farts

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