Kelly Shamrock - Popping My Party Balloons With My Butt


Kelly Shamrock - Popping My Party Balloons With My Butt
Balloons are so much fun! I've just celebrated my birthday and now I've got to take care of all these party balloons, clear ones and rose gold. What better way to get rid of balloons than to play a game where you sit on them until they pop? I'm definitely not going to time myself but I am going to sit on every single one of these balloons until they pop under my giant booty. Watch the latex stretch and hear it squeak when I slip each one under my cheeks and bounce on it until it bursts beneath me. I pull down my top and smash my tits with a clear balloon to show you how it looks because... well, it's funny! Look at how it spreads over the clear latex. Towards the end I pull my leggings down and pop the remaining balloons with my bare booty, showing you hot my cheeks spread over the clear latex before I burst the last one. Can you make it to the very last one watching my body bounce and wriggle on balloons until they pop? I just love playing with balloons, don't you? ~~I simply love sitting on balloons until they pop. The scene opens with me blowing some balloons up as an added bonus *Tags: Redhead, pawg, big ass, big booty, big butts, curvy, fishnets, bodysuit, balloons, balloon fetish, balloon popping, sit 2 pop, sit to pop, happy birthday, balloon tease

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