Lora Cross - Lora Uses Macy as Weight: Lift&Carry


Lora Cross - Lora Uses Macy as Weight: Lift&Carry
Setting: in Macy Nicole’s living room Models: Lora Cross in a red one piece thong leotard and Macy Nicole in a silver one piece thong leotard Camera Angle: Third Person with a Cannon c100 Lora Cross has a bodybuilding competition coming up and she’s staying the night at Macy Nicole’s house. Lora is appalled that Macy doesn’t have any dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells! How is Lora supposed to get her workout it? Lora says since Macy doesn’t have any weight, Macy is just going to have to be Lora’s weights for the workout! Lora lifts Macy Nicole in Cradle Carry, Fireman Carry, Over the Shoulder Carry, Bearhug Carry and then a fully-lifted leg press. She doesn’t stop there though, Lora does multiple sets and does squats with Macy while she is in the over the shoulder and fireman carry!

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