Lucy Skye - Sweaty, Stinky Ass Slave


Lucy Skye - Sweaty, Stinky Ass Slave
I've decided from here on out that you will be my permanent and personal ass slave. Its really fun to degrade you and make you do humiliating stuff... Want to know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking you should be my post-gym slave... Meaning that every time I go for a nice workout, I come home finding you waiting ever-so-patiently and willing to do as I say. I'll drop my panties, spread my cheeks, and shove your face up into my bum. Get used to the smell because you'll be drenched into my aroma over and over again. I'll rub my ass sweat and stink all over your face until you have a permanent smell of me soaked into your skin. Use your tongue and embrace my smell.... I'll soon put you between my cheeks and have you completely and totally enslaved into my smelly, sweaty ass

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