Maggie Green - Mom and Aunt Teach Daughter To Cum


Maggie Green - Mom and Aunt Teach Daughter To Cum
I thought my daughter Sydney was doing her home work like a good girl but when I came to call her for dinner, I caught her watching porn and playing with her pussy! At first, I got very upset..I bought her this nice lap top for school work, not for watching dirty movies! But then I felt sorry for her, it was clear to mommy that she needed some help in learning how to masturbate and make her tight little pussy cum. I only want the best for her! After all, I had lots of help at her age, I learned how to make myself cum from my sister's teaching. I called aunt Mona in to the bedroom to help me teach Sydney what to do with her beautiful pussy. Together we explain female anatomy and show her how to flick her clit and finger her wet slit, she watches us touch ourselves and she tries her best to replicate it. Then we teach her how to taste her own cum as well as mommy and auntie's juices! Now she's got a clear head and can finish studying for that big exam

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