Misha Mystique - After Work Stretch Session


Misha Mystique - After Work Stretch Session
I just finished working on my computer. Getting up to stretch and move around a bit sounds amazing. Stretching is one of my favorite things in the world. I start by stretching slowly in my office chair. I love the way it feels to lean backward, arching my back into a deep enjoyable stretch. I do this from a couple of different angles, letting my sweater rise high to expose my bare stomach beneath. I stretch my long legs in the chair as well. The thin fabric of my yoga pants is pulled tight with movement and becomes sheer, showing my sexy body and striped thong. After stretching in the chair for a while I remember I have a soft blanket spread out on the floor from pilates yesterday and decide to finish stretching there. I do standing stretches and can't resist the urge to do a bit of pilates on the floor. Much of the time, my movements cause the thin yoga pants to slip down, exposing my pink thong. My sweater rides up each time I raise my arms overhead, showing my sexy stomach and pierced belly button. I wear flip flop sandals on my otherwise bare feet and remove them for a short time to do a couple of stretches on the floor, revealing my soft wrinkled soles while I point my toes directly in front of the camera. Enjoy a few moments with my sexy wrinkled soles as I do ballet stretches sitting on the floor with my feet right in front of your face. I flex and point my toes right in front of the camera, giving you a continuous view of my delicious bare soles. After doing some stretching barefoot, I put my sandals back on continue stretching and exercising. This clip is in 1080p, no talking, music, or distractions. Just a solid 24 minutes of stretching and exercise in sexy yoga pants and a loose sweater

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