Miss Brynn - Invest In Me


Miss Brynn - Invest In Me
I bet you're wondering how best to invest all your earned money. Well, I know exactly how! Give it to me, in the form of cash and presents. I can spend it so much better than you ever could, like on more sexy lingerie that makes me look oh so tempting. I deserve your money more than you. Just look at me! Sure, you worked so so hard for it, but it would be so much better off in my hands. I don't need it, I just WANT it. And pretty girls get everything they want. So give up your money, all those savings. Invest in me. Follow my twitter to see more of me: @missbrynnbabe If you like what I make, send a tribute via my profile. Good boys show their appreciation.

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lace/lingerie humiliation tease & denial brat girls financial domination