Mistress An Li - Teased in the Air: Full Movie


Mistress An Li - Teased in the Air: Full Movie
Part I. Watch the slow, sexy seduction of being brought deeper and deeper into heavy leather bondage. Elise Graves and I zip, lace, button, and belt up our gimp layer by layer, lightly teasing his exposed cock while removing all his senses. His head is covered in a sensory deprivation hood and his body is tightly bound together in leather bondage. Chains are attached throughout his body to a suspension winch. His cock is left exposed for our devious intentions later on. And when we're finally done binding him together? It's time to suspend him in the air, leaving him tightly bound and weightless. Part II. With our slave all encased in a leather sleepsack and suspended in chains, it's time for Elise Graves and I to have some real fun. His cock is the only thing free about him, and we fully intend on toying with it until he groans and moans. "Can your slave cum from electro?", Elise asks me. I tell her I'm not too sure, but it would be entertaining to watch him try. We turn the electricity on, stimulating his cock and his prostate. His cock throbs in pressure and he wiggles in the bondage, jingling the chains that are carrying him. We edge with the electricity coursing through his cock, veering the fine line through pain and pleasure just to watch him squirm. And to his luck, we decide to add in vibrators. Two vibrators: one on his taint, and one on the underside of his cock. With the electricity running through his genitals and the two vibrators buzzing away on his cock, our slave is overwhelmed with sensation – much to our pleasure. We tease him with the vibrators, watching his cock get harder and harder... But since it's about our pleasure, we decide that it's not about his... he doesn't get to cum. He's not allowed to cum. Instead, we'll leave the vibrators installed on his cock and the electricity turned up just high enough to prevent him from exploding... Features: ruined orgasm, orgasm denial, double domination, female domination, cock tease, electric play, male bondage, suspension bondage, sensory deprivation, sendep, bondage set-up, male bondage, bondage device, femdom, double domination, elise graves

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