Mylene - CUSTOM: Ass to mouth cupcake food porn


Mylene - CUSTOM: Ass to mouth cupcake food porn
It's a custom ass to mouth with cupcakes video. I baked some vanilla cupcakes with frosting to stuff them up my asshole. I'm getting my asshole well stretched, put cupcakes in, taking or pushing them out and eat, I eat almost all of them. There are mostly general views in 3 different positions. But as I play with frosting only (putting it in and pushing out) there is a close up booty view. Also, I almost forgot to mention that to stretch my ass I fist it. Warning: there are some naughty farting sounds as I'm pushing the frosting out, be aware. Tags: Easter special, ass to mouth, food stuffing porn, eating, asshole tasting, Wolford stockings, anal fisting

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