NerdyZoey420 - December 2021 Tarot Card reading


NerdyZoey420 - December 2021 Tarot Card reading
Welcome to your December 2021 tarot card reading! Today's reading is a pick a card reading. Please use your instincts to pick a deck (don't over think it!) Remember this is a broad reading so take what resonates with you, and leave the rest. If one pile doesn't seem to fit maybe try another. Tarot is just a snapshot of current energy, it is not set in stone. Nothing here is permanent. Monthly readings will be free, but please TIP, comment, like, and follow me if any of this has resonated with you. Tips encouragd. ** readings for fun do not make major life decisions based on them. Use your head and your own instincts Pick a card: 1:34 Pile 1: 3:05 Pile 2: 20:51 Pile 3: 37:49 Key Terms: ASMR, finger fetish, fingernail fetish, fingernail tapping, geek, hand fetish, milf, nails, nerd, non nude, talk, talking, tarot,

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sfw hand fetish finger fetish tarot talking nerd