Olivia Rose - Loser Jerks For Asshole


Olivia Rose - Loser Jerks For Asshole
This is a custom clip. For your own, email Me! Custom Script: "In this script, you are looking down at me with the close up of your face. Mostly all close-ups of your face, Loser sign, and middle finger, and jerk off signs. DOUBLE FUCK YOU SIGN TOO!! Lots of JOI. Say FUCK YOU a lot!! 'Hello, Jeff. You are pathetic!! Fuckin IDIOT!! Piece of s**t     FUCKIN MAGGOT. Jeff, I know your secret. You jerk your cock to women giving you the Loser sign.  Who does that?? Well, jerk off to my loser sign. Beat Off to it!!  Worship to it. Cum To It. Jeff, You are my slave who will eat my s**t, and lick my hairy asshole, and jerk off as you do it. Jeff loves to eat dirty, hairy assholes.'"

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sfw femdom humiliation verbal hardcore humiliation masturbation humiliation toilet slavery